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Are you in a need to check your UAN status? Are you looking out to activate your UAN? We will be guiding you to check the UAN status right in this article. Universal account number is very convenient when you want to check your EPF balance status online. The UAN and UAN status is obligatory for EPF withdrawal. There are multiple ways to check UAN status and one of them is UAN number. With below guidelines you can check your UAN status yourself.

But before that do you know your Universal Account number or UAN? Are you aware of your UAN status? Did your employer tell you about the UAN? If not make sure you get it immediately. The UAN is the major thing an employee needs to know if he is contributing to the EPF account.

Universal Account Number is an individual 12 digit number which is given to every single member of the Employee Provident Fund Scheme. The number is assigned to all the employees with lifetime validity. It is a distinctive identity for all members who are currently contributing to EPFO.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The UAN facilitates you to check your PF balance any time on the go. The EPF transfer is made very easy with the help of the Universal Account Number.

The employer needs to submit the necessary details and documents at the EPFO employer site. Depending on the submission, the UAN number is assigned for all the employees. Your employer is supposed to give the universal account number as soon as it arrives from the EPFO. It is your right to ask for your UAN to the employer. But before heading to your employer, do check your UAN status online from the EPFO portal. The digital ingenuity by the EPFO is making the operation of employees’ provident fund more user-friendly and efficient.

The UAN is been issued to all the EPFO member or employee. Universal account number gives a distinctive identity to the employees contributing to the provident fund. The UAN is valid for a lifetime and provides you with lots of facilities. But all that you need to do to enjoy online facilities of EPFO is to activate the UAN online. You can track your PF status and EPF balance via SMS if your UAN is activated.

The UAN does not change with the change of job like it happens with PF member ID. Due to the UAN, the transfer of EPF and the EPF withdrawal has become a stress-free process. To avail maximum benefit from the UAN the employee needs to link the Adhaar card number with the UAN. If you haven’t received this number yet, check the status with the help of the below given steps. If you have received the UNA number, check out how to activate the number to enjoy loads of benefits.

Steps to check the UAN status:   

If you are not receiving your UAN number from your employer, check the UAN status yourself. We have explained you here on how to check your UAN status online at EPFO website. You will have to know your 22 digits PF member ID for the UAN status check process. Keep the digit ready while checking UAN status and follow the given steps.                                  

Step 1- Visit the portal of universal account number 


EPFO holds a separate portal for the universal account number or PF number portability. The portal holds a separate URL for the EPF members and employers.

Step 2 – Go to the UAN status check page 

In the member portal of the universal account number (UAN), there will be a prominent link to check the UAN status.  Click on the link and the link will take you to the check UAN status page.

Step 3 –Provide your PF details

  • On the ‘Check UAN Status’ page, you will be required to fill the PF number. This is the most essential and important part and you need to take extra care while filling up your PF number and make sure to fill appropriately.
  • You will be required to choose the state where your office is registered. If you are literally confused, peep into your PF number’s first two letters to get an idea. The first two letters signifies the state, such as KA for Karnataka, MH for Maharashtra and UP for Uttar Pradesh and so on.
  • Choose the PF office region from the available drop down list. States may have the several regions. Uttar Pradesh has 9 PF regions and Delhi has 3 PF regions. You can have an idea about the region from the next 3 letters in the PF number.
  • After selecting the state and region the 2 columns of PF numbers will automatically get filled and then verify it with your PF number.
  • The next step is to fill in the organisation number. Every single employee in your organisation owns the same organisation number. The 1st group of digits present in your PF number signifies your organisation number and it may be of 7 digits.
  • In the 4th column you may be required to fill the extension. In most of the cases the number remains 000. Also, the number may not be present in your PF number. Complete your PF account number. You can leave the space blank.
  • Fill your PF number. This is the only number which is unique only to you in your office. The number can range upto 7 digits maximum.

Step 4 – Get the UAN status of Provident Fund          

Click on the ‘Check Status’ button on the portal to receive a status message. Now you will know whether UAN is allotted for you or not. If UAN is been allotted you will receive a message stating your UAN is allotted. The status message will clearly specify if the number is allotted or not.

Further provide the required details on the right side of the page. Provide details in all the obligatory fields like below:

Member name

Date of birth

Mobile number


Confirm password

Enter the captcha code

After filling in above details click on ‘Get pin’ option and immediately you will receive a PIN number on your mobile. Enter the PIN number in the required field and submit it on the portal. Your UAN will be activated within the next 7 days and sent to your mobile through SMS.

UAN Activation

If you already hold your UAN number, get it activated at the EPFO web portal. It will be advantageous to you during various Provident Fund procedures. You will also be able to enjoy many online facilities by getting the UAN activated. Hence, it is recommended to activate the UAN after UAN status check. Go to the option UAN based registration given on the site to activate your UAN.

Tick the box to signify that you have gone through and have understood the instructions. Click on the button ‘Activate your UAN’ on the website. Provide all the required information in all the fields and you will receive a PIN on your phone. Enter the PIN in the necessary field displayed at the bottom. Click on the ‘submit’ button option. The UAN activation procedure is completed now.

Why is it important to check your UAN status?     

Employees who are on a plan to join the EPFO scheme need to be aware of holding the benefits of the UAN number and UAN status. If your employer has not received your UAN, check the UAN status online as explained above. UAN is an advantage provided by EPFO to decrease the dependency of employees on their employer.

The UAN status provides greater freedom to employees to monitor their Provident fund account. You can know what the balance amount in your PF account is. With UAN status check, you can list all your Provident fund accounts on to a single UAN. This will reduce your stress of monitoring number of PF accounts individually.

Things you need to know about UAN other than checking UAN status: 

  • You can avail an UAN number online while going through the verification process.
  • If you don’t hold a universal account number, you can also create UAN from the UAN portal.
  • You can avail an UAN number even if you’re not into a job or an employer.
  • Once you receive the universal account number, never forget to activate the number on the UAN portal. The activation of UAN will lend you various online facilities.
  • The number remains same for multiple Provident fund account numbers.
  • Only a single UAN can be issued on the basis of per member.
  • Employees can also seed the UAN with PAN, aadhar, and bank accounts.

We hope with the help of our article the UAN status check process would have been much easier than before. Now check the UAN activation status and start enjoying a host of online facilities from EPFO portal. Let us know about your queries relating to the above article. We hope you are finding it easier to get your UAN status or number with the use of the above mentioned procedure!!


  1. My brothers wife is trying to get an UAN from PF. But she is not able to get her UAN Number. it says ” the information filled in does not match any pls help
    her EPF No. is MH/BAN/7312/8506

  2. Hi
    My Name is Jay Shah
    I was working with Andromeda for near by 3 Year And With Shreeram Finance for 1 year.. This both PF. i want to transfer it to currently working company. My UAN NO -100173636646..
    Mobile no – 9503349111
    Kindly help

    • Dear Mr. Jay,

      Now days it’s very simple to do EPF transfer fro old to new employer. please ask your old employer for EPF number and same give to newly joined employer


  3. My name is manoj ray I’m unable to open uan status site.i want to check my pf mobile no is 9903005033

  4. My name is Manoj kumar Barik & my UAN NO. is-100221644883. I am unable to open my epf account, which password i have received my registered mobile no. i.e-8860752078.

    kindly help me to check my own passbook.



    • Hi Srinu,

      No need to do more just write down your EPF and UAN number and submit to the new employer that’s it..


  5. Hi,

    Not able to access the portal. Been trying for three months now and when I tried to check my balance through the app, the passbook hasn’t been updated yet. Could you please guide me on how I could check my updated passbook?

  6. Dear all,
    My Name is raju,i worked in hdfc bank from July 06,2011 to 07/11/2016 and also i have applied my pf on 07/01/2016 but still not received pf amount.
    From 06/07/2011 to 07/11/2016 i want to received money and one more thing my wife carrying for medical expenses i need pf number THTHA00439670000041276.
    UAN NUMBER-100318569830.
    I am adfc employee(Hdfc bank)

    • Dear Mr. Raju,

      Nowadays epf withdrawal is very simple and quick . You may apply online as well for withdrawing. first you contact with HDFC office if they are not reverting then go online , it will be credited max to max month .


  7. ramchandra h sahu,june 2008 to september 2015 epf not paying agency cisb ltd.mumbai.mobil.9323524351.side incharge A K singh mobil. 7021851913.

    • Dear Mr. Ramchandra ,

      it’s very bad to hear about you. as per govt norms they must process Your EPF amount after 45 day of leaving the job, if not then please contact on 1800118005 with all required deatils, we hope you well get your PF ammount asap.


    • Dear Mr. Ramchandra ,

      it’s very bad to hear about you. as per govt norms they must process Your EPF amount after 45 day of leaving the job, if not then please contact on 1800118005 with all required deatils, we hope you well get your PF ammount asap.


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