EPFO claim status

The Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) is striving hard to provide new and efficient services for the employees to check their PF status. Checking PF status online or offline has become a simple procedure now. With the official EPFO website, you can get all information regarding your PF status at the comfort of your home, thereby avoiding long queues and messing up with forms. It is also possible to know your PF status by SMS and with a mobile app on your smartphones.

EPF is a very important tool of retirement planning. It is considered to be the major retirement saving scheme for all salaried employees. The EPF scheme allows every employee to save a fraction of their salary every month. Employers as well as the government contributions are added to the amount. The main purpose of Employee Provident Fund scheme is to provide financial security to working people in the event of incapability to work or after the age of retirement.

If you are a member of EPFO, you must be aware of your Universal Account Number (UAN). If not, you can obtain the UAN number from your employer. By activating your UAN number on the EPFO portal, you can check your PF status online. Members can also check their provident fund status without the UAN number. PF account status is checked online by employees to know the balance amount, monthly contribution amount or transferred amount.

Requirement to Check PF Status

Checking EPF status has gone through lots of improvements since past few years. To check your PF status and to avail all related services, you need to submit the EPFO account number and Member ID number at the official website of EPFO. Employee needs to have some information like establishment code, member ID number and extension code number. These details can be found in your old annual slip. So once, when you are ready with these information’s, you can check your PF status anytime and anywhere.

Jotted down are the different offline and online ways to check your EPF status.

Check PF Status Online Without UAN Number

To check your PF status online, visit the official website of EPFO. Then you need to select your EPFO office and state along with your mobile number and PF account number from the input fields. By submitting the above mentioned details, you can get your PF details on your mobile.  While entering the details, if you don’t have the middle three digits in PF number, then you can leave it blank and enter the rest of the number.

Check PF Status Online with UAN Number

This post gives you an elaborate way of checking your PF status.  If you are a member of EPFO, do activate your universal account number. This feature is only available, if you have activated your UAN number at the official website of EPFO.

After activating your UAN number, create a login id. Use the login id and password to login and check your PF status instantly. With the UAN number, it is very convenient to check your EPF status online. The activated UAN can help you get tons of extra facilities and conveniences.

Each EPFO member is issued a unique UAN number which comprises of 12 digits. The UAN number remains same regardless of the changes of the workplace. With UAN activation, you can avail a host of other online facilities. You can even download EPF passbook and get PF balance by SMS service.

Check PF Status through SMS Service   

The EPF status can be checked online on the EPFO member’s website. However, when you are in a situation where you need to check your EPF status desperately but you don’t have any online access except your phone in hand, then EPFO has come-up with the solution for it. It is simply an SMS that allows you to check your EPF status.

Here are the steps to check PF status through SMS and texting. First, use the UAN registered mobile number, for sending the SMS to number 7738299899. The format of the message will be like EPFOHO UAN <HIN> for receiving the message in Hindi. There is an option to receive texts in 10 vernacular languages (English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bengali). Once when you send the message, the EPFO will send you the details of the KYC, last contribution, and the total PF balance.

Remember that you may not receive the message in case, if your Aadhaar number, PAN and bank account were digitally sanctioned and provided by the employer. Hence, if you do not receive the SMS then immediately contact your current employer.

Note that this feature can be only used by employees who have UAN Number and have registered their mobile number, during the UAN activation.

Check PF Status through Missed Call Service  

This facility is the most convenient and user friendly way to check your PF status without using the internet. To avail this service, you don’t require a smart phone or you don’t need to remember the code for the SMS. All that you have to do is give a missed call on 01122901406 from your registered mobile numbers. In response to the missed call, the EPFO will send you an SMS instantly. This SMS contains the information about the EPF balance in your account, along with your PF number, Name, Date of Birth, EPF balance and your Last Contribution.

Download EPFO Mobile App

If you are an ardent smartphone user, download the EPFO mobile app from the Google play store. This app will let you know your current PF status, EPFO claim status and PF balance. By using this app, you can enjoy services like EPF status and EPFO query at NIL cost i.e. for free.

Here are the steps to check PF status using EPF mobile app:

  • Open the EPFO mobile app on your phone and click member
  • Under the Member option, click balance/passbook and then enter your twelve digit UAN number. Also provide your registered mobile number. The system will now verify your mobile number and will throw an error if it does not match.

  • If in case, the mobile number-UAN combination is correct, a new screen appears which displays your updated EPF status information along with your personal details like your name, date of birth, PAN for tax deduction, Aadhaar number, last month EPF contribution etc.

  • If you wish to see your PF statement for the last 7 months, you need to click on the view passbook tab and get a complete statement for the last 7 months.

EPF Mobile App for PF status check is a good and handy way to check your EPF balance and that too on the go.

How to activate UAN on EPFO Mobile App?                                             

If you have not yet activated the UAN number then you can do it with the Mobile App. This process is similar to activating UAN on Desktop. First get your UAN number. Then visit the official Portal of EPFO and click on the option “Know your UAN Status” blinking on the top left corner.

On the EPFO Mobile App

  • Select Member. Then you will see two options activate UAN and Balance/Passbook.
  • Select Activate UAN option.
  • Then select the office from the drop-down menu and enter details such as Establishment Code, Extension number (usually 000), Employee Number, UAN and your Mobile number. Establishment Code and Employee number are usually available in the payslip issued by the employer. If any details are missing, then you need to contact your employer.

  • Check the “Declare the above details pertain to me are correct” that is given below the UAN activation form.

  • Finally, click on the ‘Activate’ tab. This will complete the activation process of UAN.

So stay updated on all EPF news and also your EPF account status with this official mobile app. The EPF mobile app is one of the most recent services introduced by EPFO to check PF status. You can also check EPF online payment along with your current balance by using this official app. Perhaps, it is recommended that you get all the information either from the official web portal or through this app.

Employees can also have an eye on PF status and balance using e-passbook. From the UAN page of EPFO, members can download the e-passbook.  Users can download passbook with or without UAN activation.

EPF Claim Status

EPF or Employee Provident Fund can now be accessed online with a few simple steps. This service comes as a rescue for all the employees who have no idea on how to gain access to their EPF accounts and take actions on them. Online EPF Claim Status facility provided by the government offers all the features of checking EPF balance as well as downloading the EPF pass books and other features relating to EPF Claim Status.

Knowing your PF status is quite important as it keeps you updated on your PF balance amount. Hope this article was helpful for all the employees to solve the queries on PF status and EPFO related information. Keep visiting our website for more updates and information on provident fund procedures and PF rules.