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Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a great scheme initiated by Indian government to enforce discipline of investing. Provident Fund (PF) is nothing but the contribution of money made by employee and employer in the form of monthly salary deduction. As a salaried employee, you are indubitably familiar with this low-risk retirement scheme. Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) is finally catching up with digitalization more rapidly. In an effort to boost efficiency and transparency, EPFO has created an online portal to help you access provident fund account, check balance, withdrawals, contributions and other details.

Both Employee and Employer contribute towards Employees Provident Fund. So your EPF Balance consists of contributions of Employee, Employer and interest accrued every year on the available balance. This interest is decided by the Central Board and government and then added to EPF balance of all beneficiaries. From accessing your PF information on your mobile to using your Universal Account Number (UAN) and downloading your passbook, you have various means to keep track of your EPF Balance and contributions.

This post lists all different ways available to check your PF balance status online. For those who want to remain updated on their provident fund balance without the internet, the offline ways are also shared. Employees can get updates on their PF balance amount by calling or by sending an SMS. The different offline and online ways are launched by EPFO to provide maximum convenience to the employees. Review all diverse ways in details and check your EPF balance status using the best suitable method.

Employee provident fund is an integral part of any employee who is an EPFO member. In bid to promote clients’ access to information, EPFO has set up many convenient ways through which contributors can check their PF balances. With this step-by-step guide, checking your EPF balance is no longer a complicated task. You can use any of the below mentioned methods to keep track of your retirement saving i.e. Employees Provident Fund.

Check EPF Balance Online at EPFO Member Portal

This method of online EPF balance check has become more common as you can access information, anytime and anywhere. Through this method, you get to know about the employee contribution, employer contribution and pension amount separately.  To check the EPF balance online, you have to follow these steps.

  1. Go to the KYEPFB portal. On the home page, you will find a link “Know your PF balance” Click on it.( As shown in below pic )



  1. Select the EPF Office and Region, where your firm is registered. ( As shown in below pic )



  1. Enter the establishment code and establishment extension code if any and employee PF account number.
  2. Enter your Name and your Mobile Number
  3. Check on “I Agree” and click submit to find balance.( As shown in below pic )


On successful submission of the above mentioned information, the PF details will be sent through SMS to the specified mobile number.

Check PF Balance through UAN number

Universal Account number (UAN) is a unique number given to the members of employees’ provident fund (EPF). With the creation of Universal Account Number, accessing your provident and pension account details has become much easier than ever.

Each employee covered by provident fund must have their own UAN number. When your PF account is activated, you can ask for UAN number from your employer. Once when your employer has activated your UAN, ensure to register at UAN e-sewa portal for members with your UAN and mobile number.

Once when the system verifies your details completely, a pin will be generated and sent to your registered mobile number. Using the mobile number registered at the portal, EPFO sends details on EPF balances and other updates through SMS or a missed-call facility.

Download PF Passbook through UAN for EPF Balance Enquiry

Once when you register and activate your UAN number at the EPFO portal, you can log into your account and download your EPF passbook.  This PF passbook will provide you with following information in detail:

  • Your monthly PF contribution
  • Employer’s monthly PF contribution
  • Employer’s contribution towards employee pension scheme
  • Latest EPF balance.

Thus, the passbook of UAN not only reveals you about the latest PF balance, but also provides you with a whole statement of EPF contribution and balance at the end of each month.

EPF Missed Call Service

This is the simplest and easiest method to check your PF account balance. Because, you have to only give a missed call to this enquiry number 01122901406 to check your PF balance.  Within few minutes, you would receive an SMS from the EPFO. This SMS would contain information like your Date of Birth, Your UAN, KYC status, Last Contribution and PF balance.

This missed call method can even be used to check whether your date of birth is correct in EPF records. If there is any incorrect information, ensure to correct it as soon as possible.

Check your EPF Balance through SMS

Instead of giving a Missed call to the designated number, you can also check the PF account balance by sending an SMS. This mode would be quite similar to the missed call service. But in this service, you have the option to avail the EPF account balance in your own language.

To know the EPF balance, the members have to send SMS in a prescribed format as EPFOHO UAN <<LAN>> to 77382 99899 from the registered mobile number. Through this SMS services, members can get details regarding the employee credentials, recent remittance and total contribution amount of an active account. In addition, you can also know the availability status of KYC documents such as PAN, Aadhaar and Bank account number.

The corresponding North Indian language codes are Hindi – HIN, Gujarati – GUJ, Bengali – BEN, Punjabi – PUN and Marathi – MAR. Furthermore, it also supports South Indian languages such as Telugu – TEL, Kannada – KAN, Tamil – TAM and Malayalam – MAL.

EPF Mobile APP

The EPFO has launched an official Mobile App for the EPF Balance enquiry. With this App, you can not only view the EPF balance but also activate your UAN. The employer as well as the pensioners can use the same app. The employer can check the transaction status of PF contribution while the pensioners can check their EPF pension status. You can download this App either from the EPFO website or at Google play store.

To check the EPF account balance through this app, you have to enter the UAN and your registered mobile number. Only those members who have their activated UAN are able to check their PF balance through this App.

Download PF Passbook through Member Portal

The EPFO member portal provides you with all information and services related to your Employee Provident Fund. The website is so convenient that you can log into the member portal at any time by registering your details, following which you can easily view all your PF accounts details online. What’s more, you will also receive an SMS when your e-passbook is available.

Before UAN portal, the EPF member portal was the only way to download the PF passbook. EPF account pass book is still useful in certain circumstances.

  • If you have forgotten the UAN password or not able to login to the UAN portal, the member portal can be useful.
  • To check the EPF balance through the Member portal, first you need to register with it. Registration is quite simple and requires the detail of any KYC document.
  • This portal does not need any password to login. The KYC document number and the mobile number is enough to login.
  • After the login, you can download the PF passbook just by entering your PF number. The one time password will be sent to your mobile number for authentication.

Why Should You Check PF Balance Regularly

Provident Fund is a valuable retirement fund, and sometimes, it is the only big saving fund for many salaried employees. So always ensure to keep a check on this balance regularly. You can even take loan from EPFO in case of emergency, so you should be aware of the balance in your account.

Sometimes, the employer does not deposit Provident funds on time. In such cases, your account balance stops escalating. In other cases, the company may shut down or merge with another business. To overcome these issues, it is always recommended to keep a watch on your PF balance and contributions regularly.

Points to keep in mind while checking EPF balance:

With the introduction of latest technology in various government projects, the maintenance and tracking of EPF balance has become a piece of cake. However, there are certain points that you need to consider for a successful login and viewing of EPF balance. To mention just a few:

  • One member of the portal can check a maximum of upto 10 EPF account balances
  • In case of registration at member portal for passbook download, only one mobile number can be used per registration
  • Any registered mobile number can view only one EPF account details. In case of more than one accounts details either more mobile numbers should be registered or PF transfer through form 13 needs to be applied.
  • During registration, multiple id numbers can be added one after the other so as to make use of any identity proof number, during the time of registration.


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